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Erik and the beer

Erik and his beer

Erik has been working for years in the world of tourism: receptionist in a hotel in Ragusa Ibla and tour guide.

As a young man, he was intrigued by the different types of beer he tasted during his travels. He understood that it was a complex and multi-faceted drink and, after so many drinks and so many tastings, he decided to make his own at home. Erik loves to experiment and create different beers, trying to understand how to use the ingredients of the Sicilian tradition in this ancient drink, such as ancient grains, carob beans, orange peel, or elderflower.

He is also a member of the Trinacria Homebrewers association, which is responsible for promoting beer culture in Sicily. Do you want some tips on craft and quality beer in Sicily? Ask him. Do you want to see how to make a beer at home? Contact him. Here is his email:

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