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Bennardo Mario and his magical hands

Bennardo Mario Raimondi shaping clay

He is Bennardo Mario Raimondi. Bennardo Mario is a craftsman from Palermo, and he can make terracotta objects and nativity scenes by hand. He made a 78 cm high Saint Joseph!

Nativity scene made of terracotta and cloth
Nativity scene made of terracotta and cloth

He obtained recognition from the Italian Parliament, exhibited his works in Montecitorio (it is the seat of the Italian Chamber of Deputies), and was even contacted by Pope Francis.

We met him through a video on Facebook. We were fascinated by his way of working clay and his story, which is a story of courage. Bennardo Mario is a victim of usury, who in 2006 reported his extortionists. As a result, however, he lost both the shop and relatives, friends, and customers. The institutions have also abandoned him.

We dedicate this space to him in our blog to make his art known to you too.

We leave you the link to his Facebook pages and to the site where you can find useful information if you are interested in placing orders or making a donation.



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