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About Us


We are Emanuele and Francesca, a couple born, raised, and still living in Sicily.

We love our land and everything that belongs to it, characterizes it and that has made it famous.

Having worked for many years in the hotel tourism sector, we had the opportunity to get to know people from different parts of the world. And with some of them, a friendship and esteem was born that continues today.

Of course, we had the opportunity to grasp the emotions and perceptions of both those who visit Sicily for the first time and those who regularly return to these places. They come back because they fall in love with our land and, for this reason, they often decide to move here.

We often found ourselves divulging our knowledge on Sicily to answer the questions and curiosities posed by the many visitors encountered during our work journey. Sicily is a land of many facets and its history, characterized by different dominations and cultures, has contributed to making it today a treasure trove of myths, legends, and fascinating stories.

Therefore, our blog was born to make an important contribution to all those who want to know Sicily in all its forms. We will not limit ourselves to talking about places or foods (as many blogs already do), but we will tell you about all that Sicily has to offer to the whole world.

We would like to become your Sicilian friends.